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Alex Boss

Alex Boss

CEO at Remote Leads


Hi there! I’m Alex, founder of Remote Leads

  • I started doing Facebook ads as a freelancer in 2014 and since then spent over $500,000 to learn what’s working
  • Got experience managing six figure budgets during my employment at 
  • Certified by as a Paid Traffic Specialist

Meet the team



Account manager






Ad buyer


Requirements to work with us

  • You are ready to invest a minimum of $5,000 – $10,000 per month into ad spend
  • You are ready to provide content so we can educate the audience to make an informed decision to buy (videos, photos, webinars, blog articles, pdf reports etc).
  • You sold your products/services succesfully before
  • You don’t expect overnight miracles and understand that your ROI & profit are dependant not only on traffic but also on quality of your website, funnels, product and performance of your sales team.

Onboarding process

  1. Before we can start we will ask you to fill out the questionaire to see if we can help your business.
  2. We create and present you a basic campaign strategy for your product during a Skype call and make you an offer.
  3. You can accept our offer by paying the invoice. Depending on your plan, your card will be charged every month or every 3 month. You can cancel the billing and terminate the contract anytime, in which case you will not be billed on the next billing cycle.
  4. During a setup phase, you and us together get the content to use in ads ready, install FB Pixel on your website if it’s not there, take care of access to your accounts and we start campaign preparation and set everything in the system.
  5. When you approve our ads (copy, banners), we launch ads and report on performance to you regularly.

Typically pricing includes a one-time setup fee to prepare your website/funnel for traffic generation, a fixed monthly fee to cover costs of our staff and a performance bonus that motivates us to bring you as much PROFIT as we can.

Setup fee will vary depending on the project scope. Typically it includes:

  • Scripting and creating videos for ads
  • Designing banners
  • Copywriting
  • Optimizing your landing page / website
  • Installing pixels and setting up analytics
  • Creating custom audiences for retargeting
  • Importing your product feed to facebook
  • Optimizing your business pages.
  • Developing a Messenger chatbot
  • Linking Lead Ads with your CRM

Examples of our work

Online course launch
(lead generation)

$1.67 cost per lead

Profit: $9,910.33

1680.66% ROI

B2B online services
(video production)

198 leads

$3.38 cost per lead

Average check $495

We use today’s most advanced methods for targeting, scaling, bidding, retargeting and optimization, including:

'Bully method'

Best manual bidding method for high budget campaigns, allowing to bully your competitors out of the auction and get cheap conversions

'Shotgun strategy'

Advanced way to optimize campaigns using a high number of ad sets and a complex set of automated rules (works only for large budgets)

'Carpet bomb'

Technique mostly used for local businesses which exploits short videos structured in a certain way to build up cold audience while getting insanely cheap CPM.

'Surfing method'

Scaling method which is used by 1% of advertisers.
Instead of ‘hoping’ that Ad Set will perform after scaling, we don’t gamble, we, in a certain way, ‘ride the wave’ based on performance.

What clients say


  1. Can we launch a trial campaign before commiting to a long-term contract?
    – Yes we offer 1-month plan under our standard monthly rate, and based on results you can decide if you want to continue with a long-term contract or not.
  2. Are there guarantees?
    – We can’t forecast your revenue number and guarantee that you campaign will be profitable right away as it doesn’t depend only on traffic.  However we have a proven record of making campaigns highly profitable and we invest all our knowledge in acheiving that.  There is no moneyback guarantee once the ads are live.
  3. How soon I can see positive results?
    – First few weeks is preparation and launching first test ads. At this stage we discover what variables we need to test to come up with winning targeting and creatives. During the first month we perform a few marketing tests and start realizing which advertising strategy we need to focus on specifically for your project. You may see your first positive results at this stage. During the second month we optimize campaigns using all the testing data we got during the first stage. This is where you may start seeing real performance. On the third month our main focus normally is on scaling and thats where you see your profits increase day after day.
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