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Alex Boss

Alex Boss

Senior FB Ad Buyer

Hi there! I’m Alex, founder of Remote Leads

  • Started doing Facebook ads as a freelancer in 2014
  • Spent over $500,000 for my clients to date
  • Got corporate experience working with high budget campaigns (six figures weekly) when working for – world’s leading e-publisher in personal growth industry
  • Certified by as a Paid Traffic Specialist

Requirements to work with us

  • You are ready to invest minimum of $10,000 per month into ads
  • You are ready to provide content for use in ads (videos, photos, webinars, blog articles, pdf reports etc).
  • You sold your products/services succesfully before
  • You don’t expect overnight miracles and understand that your ROI & profit are dependant not only on traffic but also on quality of your website, funnels, product and performance of your sales team.


Campaign strategy + 1h consultation

  • Marketing research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign analysis
  • 1 hour consultation
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Onboarding process

  1. We ask you basic information about your business to see if we can help your case.
  2. We create and present you a basic campaign strategy for your product and make you an offer.
  3. If you accept our offer, you sign the contract and pay the invoice. You will be billed each month on this date until decide to cancel our contract.
  4. You get us content to use in ads, install FB Pixel on your website if it’s not there, give access to your accounts so we start campaign preparation.
  5. We launch ads and report on performance to you regularly.

Examples of our work

Course launch for the American Financial Investment Academy

$1.67 cost per lead

Profit: $9,910.33

1680.66% ROI

Selling video production services online

KPI: maximum CPL: $10

$3.38 cost per lead

Average check $495

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Facebook rolls out new features every second week.

So it’s important to stay on top of newest strategies every time.

We are constantly learning from world’s top marketing experts:

Molly Pittman

VP marketing at Digitalmarketer.com

Ryan Deiss

CEO at Digitalmarketer.com

Vishen Lakhiani

CEO at Mindvalley.com

How we do it

1) Research & Preparation
First of all we get to know your product, your customers. Once we’re done, we look up targeting and retargeting options that can work best for us and create a campaign plan and a content strategy.
2) Planning&Structuring campaigns
We create a campaign structure in a Google Spreadsheet with various campaigns, ad sets and ads, define audiences, placements for our ads, decide on bidding and optimization options.
3) Creating ads
Next we create copy and banners for each segment of our audience for your approval. Also we provide guidance on videos that you may want to provide us for using in ads.
4) Launch
We make sure a Facebook Pixel is installed correctly on your website and launch ads in Power Editor using the campaign structure we created in the previous step.
5) Testing

Once we launch our ads, we wait for them to perform a day or two and start optimizing. We test various targeting options, copy and visuals and stop worst performing ads.

After a week or two we analyze performance statistics and track important business metrics like ROI and conversion costs. Based on that data we decide how to optimize and scale campaigns further and how you may want to tweak your funnels.

6) Campaign management
After the testing phase you know if you can afford Facebook ads and we know how to scale your campaigns from there. The real results for your business are in this phase.

This is the same 6-step process we used for dozens of our happy clients

… from various countries

United States




What clients say


  1. Can we launch a trial campaign before commiting to a long-term contract?
    – We offer 1-month trial under our standard monthly rate, and based on results you can decide if you want to continue with a long-term contract or not.
  2.  Where is your company based?
    – We are legally incorporated in Ukraine where our core team members reside. That cuts down our costs hence we can offer more affordable rates to you as a client. However our core competence is working with campaigns in the US & international markets.
  3. Are there guarantees?
  4. – We can’t forecast your revenue number and guarantee that you campaign will be profitable right away as it doesn’t depend only on traffic.  However we have a proven record of making campaigns highly profitable and we invest all our knowledge in acheiving that. Truth to be told, those who claim they can guarantee results right away are either future seers or are just trying to mislead you to sign you up for their service. There is no moneyback guarantee once the ads are live.
  5. How soon I can see positive results?
    – first few weeks is preparation and launching first test ads. At this stage we discover what variables we need to test to come up with winning targeting and creatives. During the first month we perform a few marketing tests and start realizing which advertising strategy we need to focus on specifically for your project. You may see your first positive results at this stage. During the second month we optimize campaigns using all the testing data we got during the first stage. This is where you may start seeing real performance. On the third month our main focus normally is on scaling and thats where you see your profits increase day after day.