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We specialize in e-commerce and online coaching niches

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1. Facebook ads management

Would you like to outsource your advertising management to a reliable agency and be able to focus on your core business knowing your ad dollars will be multiplied, not wasted?

That’s exactly what we want you to achieve by providing our stellar Facebook Ads management service.

We work mainly with online education niche.


2. Funnel setup

Obviously you need a high-converting funnel before investing heavily into traffic. We build these from scratch or optimize your existing ones for an extra fee (depends on how much work we need to do).

This typically includes your website, landing pages, email sequence, chatbot sequence, your video content, products and processes that your team should use to close leads.






Step 1: Onboarding

In the beginning we make sure we have access to your accounts and project assets, analyze the briefing document and plan out our testing campaigns

Step 2: 'Rapid Fire' Testing

We have a process to validate your minimum viable funnel, your audience personas, your offers/hooks and copy/creatives before you invest into building/improving your full-fledged funnel.

Step 3: Funnel activation

In this phase we are building your actual funnel or helping you improve your existing one and running traffic to it. Once it’s validated with cold traffic – we are building in retargeting stacks to improve results.


Step 4: Scaling

This is where you start getting real results and ROI. In this phase we shift our focus to optimization and scaling (continuously growing your ad spend AND revenue) but still continue testing new creatives and audiences.

Example: 1 month of results for an ecommerce campaign.
22k ad spend and 91k in revenue (over 4x ROAS). More than 50k in pure profit in one month.



We offer a simple and transparent pricing which includes planning, preparation, launch and management of your campaigns, creating ad copy and banner design.

Video creation for your ads, SMM and chatbot development are available too for an extra fee.

Our fee does not include your ad spend which is paid to Facebook directly. Also it does not include building a funnel, a website, landing pages or writing emails for your autoresponder.

We only accept projects with $10,000+ monthly budget





Founder & CEO



Director of sales



Sales manager



Ad specialist



Content marketer



Account manager


How and when do I pay?

We charge your Paypal or credit card monthly upfront for each month of work (Facebook ads management and initial setup). Outstanding % of ad spend is paid by you manually after the end of each respective month of work (we send you an invoice). Month of work is a period of 30 or 31 days starting from the day when we began working on your project (normally, the next business day after your first payment). We reserve the right to stop campaigns if you are late on payment.

Who owns the ad account? What happens to it in case of termination?

We only use your ads account (which you provide access to) and you keep it along with campaigns we launched if you decide to let us go (unless we explicitly mutually agree to provide you one of our own ad accounts. In this case we keep the account upon termination of contract).

How often and when can I access your team?

For each account we allocate an Account manager who will be a single point of contact from the agency side and will provide reporting and support to you or your coompany representative. This person will coordinate with our traffic team and make sure you achieve your KPIs.

You can email or messenger-text your manager anytime and you will get response ASAP during business hours. Also you can schedule a call over Skype/phone taking in consideration time zones. There are no limits how often you can contact your manager as long as you respect his/her business hours.




How often will I receive reports about campaign performance?

Every month we prepare a detailed traffic report with data analysis and in between, usually every few days, we will proactively keep you in the loop about what are we currently working on and how our campaigns are doing.

What happens if I’m not satisfied? Are there refunds?

No refunds are possible in case your campaign fails to perform. We have a good track record of making campaigns profitable but there’s no insurance to failure due to circumstances out of our team’s control like your funnel performance, your sales team, your offers, current market trends, competition, rising cost of advertising.

Please note, some campaigns seem to underperform at first but skyrocket after a while. It may take as much as 3 month for a campaign to optimize to its peak performance.

Do I have a long-term contract? How can I quit your services?

We hope our customers use Remote Leads services only because they value them, not because they are obliged to. Thus our agreement will not oblige you to pay for several month in advance (just one), nor to have a long-term legal obligation. You can cancel anytime notifying us you wish to terminate our agreement at We will still finish our current month of work and the services will be stopped then.

See more details in our standard Master Services Agreement.

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